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Arūnas Šlenys, the CEO of Naresta, one of the leading construction companies for almost three decades, is replaced by Tadas Grincevičius, the Managing Director, who joined the management team in February this year. The former CEO, A. Šlenys, will remain in charge of the newly established Naresta Board and will be responsible for shaping and developing the company’s long-term strategy.

“I have been managing the company for almost three decades and since its inception I have been convinced that a successful organisation needs a professional and development-minded team. And while the last few years have been exceptional for both our organisation and the construction sector, there have been many changes, which have only given us even more opportunities to grow. Today, I can be proud of the projects we have completed together with our team, which once again proves the trust our partners and clients have in our services. I have no doubt that Tadas’s professionalism, fresh approach and experience will allow us to successfully continue and implement the company’s strategic ambitions,” said A. Šlenys, shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Naresta.

“Naresta, which has accumulated many years of experience and has earned the trust of its clients and partners, has already secured the reputation of a reliable and high-quality general contracting company. I see the opportunity to continue as the company’s CEO as a significant vote of confidence in me, but at the same time I understand the responsibility to maintain a high quality bar, strengthen the company’s competitive advantage and ensure business development,” said T. Grincevičius, the new CEO.

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