Renovation and restoration

There are quite few cultural heritage sites in Lithuania, and especially in our capital. Alhtough, from the beginning since Lithuania regained its independence, the attention towards the restoration of authentic objects was not really professional. The main principle of restoring authentic objects was by eliminating all signs left by the timeline. In addition, those buildings lost their autenticity and spirituality, which every civilised country is trying to save. This type of restoration soon enough started to be called as a simple “repair“.  When Lithuania joined the EU, more emphasis has been put on heritage protected objects, preservation of historic properties and therefore, a different approach towards the whole thing evolved.

Our company, throughout the whole time, starting from its early days, has gathered a lot of experience towards working with restoration, reconstruction. In addition, we understand how important is to save such seemingly small and insignificant details as the old plaster, which is not always considered to be an asset, although it is one of the main signs of the time witnesses.

Throughout our work related with reconstruction and renovation, we contribute towards saving the magnificent Vilnius Old Town architecture and its valuable historical heritage

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