General contracting

RE project developers have difficulties choosing a reliable general contractor due to nowadays competition in the industry. In addition, the company is doing its best to show how beneficial is to choose JSC „Naresta“ over others by providing outstanding service. The company carries more than half of the construction work by itself. When it comes to customers, subcontractors and suppliers, our company is recognisible as demanding but reliabile partner.

We not only manage the construction process, but we are trying to reach a result which exceeds customer‘s expectations.

Residential construction

We have built and installed more than one hundred thousand square meters of residential buildings with necessary infrastructure. When building residential houses we set our targets not only by measuring area units but by ensuring cozy, safe environment, putting a lot of enphasis regarding the premises layout, energy efficiency for the future residents.

We are building responsibly, ensuring that the upcoming generations will not have to fix our mistakes.

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Commercial construction

The company actively operates in the commercial construction segment. Results of our work can be evaluated in facilities such as: „Sonex Consulting“ business centre where we implemented air-cleaning facade and other „green building“ technologies; Functional office campus located in „Technopolis Ozas“ business centre. Another fascinating commercial-type building was Druskininkai SPA centre „AQUA‘s“ hotel called „Flores“ which was built with Indonesian islands accent together with SPA centre and winter garden. All of our completed commercial-type buildings demonstrate our experience and qualification, therefore, we can fulfill client‘s most complex commercial property ideas.

We strive to build our commercial-type buildings which provide an effective ROI for the investors.

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Industrial construction

When Lithuania joined the EU, the opening of the borders between the countries initiated industrial migration, resulting an increase in industrial-type constructions with multifunctional facilities. Apart from lots of industrial-type facilities that we have built, JSC „Naresta“ is proud of building nutraceutical manufacturing company‘s „Gamtos namai“ manufacturing premises. What is more, we have built monolithic structure of Vilnius mechanical biological waste treatment plant biotunnels.

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Public and infrastructure construction

Our company operates in public purpose and infrastructure object‘s construction segment. We have built objects such as: Memorial for the Freedom fighters of the 13th of January which is located near the Lithuanian Parliament; Latezeris border control point, which was the first border control point equiped with traffic lanes which allows to work with the reverse principle; According to authentic 1842 B. Tiskevicius tavern motives, we have reconstructed Asveja Regional Park Authority building and we have reconstructed Ventes Ragas Ornithological station for the visitors.

We do not emphasise on the capacity of the buildings but we do put a lot of effort by making them to stand out by their own unique features.

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